100 More Homes Penticton hosts Community Clean-up near old Emergency Winter Shelter location

Clean up near winter shelter

The Penticton community got a bit of love on Saturday, with a clean-up event organized by 100 More Homes and their Lived/Living Experience Table.

"We had 23 participants come out (with lived and living experience) and spend their afternoon cleaning up the streets, creeks, trails, playground, fields - all around the area that the Emergency Winter Shelter operated this winter," they shared in a social media post.

100 More Homes said at one of their first meetings, the table identified the area as being one that could use some extra love in the community and rallied some people together to make it happen.

"Despite facing significant challenges and barriers every day, the table was clear on wanting to ensure the community they lived in was clean and safe for everyone. And went above and beyond to make sure that happened," the added.

"Everyone that came asked when the next one would be, so if you missed out today, keep your eyes peeled for the next one."

They also gave thanks to their partners Penticton Area Overdose Prevention Society (P+OPS), and OneSky for providing the funding to make this day happen, as well as the City of Penticton for providing everyone with the cleaning supplies and sending along two Community Safety Officer's to help out for the majority of the day.

One Sky Harm Reduction also did a sharps pick-up tutorial for everyone and brought along some extra sharps containers.

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