Classifieds FAQ

Everything you need to know about classifieds

Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions. Click a question to see the answer:

The Basics
• How do I register? [+] • How do I place an ad? [+] • What does it cost? [+] • When will my ad go up? [+] • How long does my ad stay on site? [+] • How do I respond to an ad? [+] • How do I EDIT, RELIST, CANCEL or DELETE? [+] • What is a watch-list? [+] • What is an ad alert? [+]

Common Questions
• How do I FEATURE my ad? [+] • How do I post a FREE item? [+] • How do I post a GARAGE SALE? [+] • How do I post LOST & FOUND ITEMS AND PETS? [+] • How do I change my Username, E-mail address or Password? [+] • How do I contact you for more help? [+]

Common Problems
• I posted a paid ad. Why is it still not approved? [+] • I forgot my password. [+] • I can't login. [+] • Where is my ad? [+] • My account is inactive. [+] • I'm having trouble uploading photos. [+]
Online safety tips

1. Avoid spam, do not post your email address in your ad. Use your phone number.

2. Do NOT send a deposit prior to viewing an item for sale. Remember: If it's too good to be true, then it usually is.

3. Don't deal with buyers outside Canada. Be wary of prospective buyers who don't have a basic grasp of English.

4. Don't deal with buyers who wish to pay via Western Union or some other unusual method.

5. Don't send money back to buyers who "overpay" you. The funds they initially sent you will bounce.

6. Be very careful if you receive a TEXT message regarding your ad. This has become a very common tool for scammers to try to obtain your email address and other information. If you are unsure, do NOT reply and simply block the caller on your cell phone.

7. Don't reply to prospective scam messages. Forward suspicious emails to [email protected]. We'll let you know if it is suspicious and disable the scammer's account.