Forum Policies
The do's and don'ts

The Castanet Forums are for the lively exchange of ideas through constructive debate.

To participate, you agree to abide by our rules and policies. Please remember that you are an equal and participating member on these forums, and as such, respect for other members is required. Please exercise tact, and refrain from insulting others or disrupting ongoing discussions.

Admin and mods are here to ensure that the rules are followed, but the first line of defense lies with you, the members. It is up to each of you to maintain civility, respect for others, and a sense of decorum.

Generally speaking, we will provide fair warning regarding inappropriate behaviour, except in the case of spamming or flooding.

The Rules

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Report problems

When you see that a rule has been broken, use the Report Button (the exclamation mark in the upper right corner of each post). If no action is taken after you make a report, it does not mean that we are ignoring you. It means we disagree with your take on the matter. Regardless of the action taken (or not taken), we do appreciate that you cared enough about the board to make a report. Circumspect use of this feature is unbelievably helpful for us, it takes us directly to the problem, which means that it is resolved quickly, before the topic gets hopelessly out of hand.

You are not anonymous

You are not as anonymous on these discussion boards as you might think. While your identity is kept private on the board, in a defamation dispute a court may order us to turn over your email and IP address which your internet provider would cross-reference to reveal your identity.

Contact the Moderator

If you feel that you have not received a proper response to your Report, or that your post has been unfairly edited or deleted, or you’re just plain unhappy and not going to take it anymore, you may contact us at [email protected]

Our goal

Castanet Forums are intended to be a medium for public discussion. You are free to express your views forcefully, but we require you to remain civil. Insults, hate speech, and deliberately inflammatory statements are not acceptable. Do not threaten any member or suggest they are deserving of harm.