Here's why you should build a 'catio' for your cat this summer

Let them relax on the 'catio'

As the weather starts to warm up (go away rain), the BC SPCA is encouraging cat owners to consider building a "catio."

Yes, a patio, but for cats.

The enclosure is usually built outside a door or a preferred window that your feline friend frequents. 

The BC SPCA has a number of DIY catio guides. Whether it's a window that your furry companion can climb through or a deck or porch that could be cat-friendly, there's something that works for everyone. If you don't have something that's accessible, you could try building a free-standing catio. 

There are a number of benefits to catios, the BC SPCA says in a news release.

First, they provide "enrichment."

"Cats are designed to leap, balance on thin ledges, and climb everything and anything. A catio provides them the opportunity to tap into their inner ancestral forest hunters, while also giving them access to the ever changing sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors. Translation: they’ll never be bored!" the animal organization says.

A catio also protects them from vehicles, potential poisoning, getting lost and other dangers that affect free-roaming cats. They're also less likely to cause a conflict in the neighbourhood (like if Sir Mix-A-Lot gets into Cindy's vegetable garden and uses it as its outdoor litter box).

The structures also help reduce the community cat population. A female cat can have up to three litters per year.

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