Photos: Massive task of rebuilding BC's highways after floods

Pics: Huge rebuild underway

Hundreds of workers continue to toil away around the clock, racing to restore BC’s highway system to its previous glory as another storm looms.

Two-hundred-fifty pieces of heavy equipment are involved in numerous repair projects scattered across B.C. in an “tremendous” effort to restore vital supply links.

Progress is being made, with Highways 99, 3, 1 and 7 now in various stages of reopening. Rail traffic is also moving again.

The Ministry of Transportation has been publishing photos of the rebuild online, showing the incredible amount of work taking place.

“These storms are coming at a time when we're already grappling with some of the most destructive weather we've ever seen. They're coming as crews work day and night to repair the extensive damage from last week,” said Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth.

“And while there's still significant flood damage in many places throughout the province, we're making progress on our recovery.”

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