Family living off Coquihalla stranded, but not worried while they document historic storms

BC family cut off but OK

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A B.C. family impacted by severe flooding that left them cut off from the outside world, except by foot or helicopter, says "please don't worry about us."

Jeremiah Steberl, his wife, son, parents and another couple are living off-grid between Hope and Merritt just off the Coquihalla Highway.

Jeremiah and his father Mark have their own YouTube channel and have been posting amazing videos of the destruction left by torrential rain around their home near Carolin Mines on the Coquihalla Highway.

"One of our subscribers took it upon themselves to call search and rescue on our behalf, which was the wrong thing to do," Steberl told Castanet in an interview.

Because of that call, a helicopter pilot flew through a snowstorm to reach them. The family had to explain that they have water, power, and enough food for a couple of months.

"We do have jobs in town but it's a really good excuse not to go to work on Monday," Steberl said.

Steberl and his father are spending their time putting together stunning videos that show the severity of the damage left by the storm.

"If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it, every year we go through some sort of event where we're cut off from town," Steberl says.

Mark Steberl bought the property back in 1997 and the family has steadily added out-buildings and alternative power from a combination of solar and water from the Sowaqua Creek.

Stebrel tells Castanet nearby cell towers are down but he still has internet thanks to Starlink, so they are watching the next storm closely.

"Our property is quite a bit higher than the Coquihalla River so we think we'll be OK," Stebrel said.

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