Carol Todd calls for police to take online harassment, sextortion seriously

Todd's mother seeks change

A mother whose teenage daughter died by suicide 10 years ago says police need to take online harassment seriously and not shame victims into thinking they brought their torment on themselves.

Carol Todd's 15-year-old daughter Amanda Todd died a few weeks after she posted a video on the internet detailing how she was blackmailed by an online predator.

Aydin Coban is awaiting sentencing after being convicted in August of extortion, harassment, possession of child pornography and communicating with a young person to commit a sexual offence.

A House of Commons committee is studying the issue of mental health of women and girls.

Carol Todd tells MPs today that education and awareness to recognize and respond to online harassment is critical for parents, teachers and students.

Todd says that must also include police officers who can help prevent further harm by taking complaints seriously and not shaming victims.

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