Alleged Burnaby puppy killer released on bail for fifth time

Alleged puppy killer on bail

A man charged with animal cruelty after allegedly killing a Pomeranian puppy in Burnaby “with his bare hands” has been released on bail for a fifth time.

Pouya Sadir, 28, was charged on May 24 with one count of killing an animal without lawful excuse.

According to allegations presented at a bail hearing last Wednesday, Sadri had been living out of his car with two adult Pomeranians and seven puppies.

“The dogs were living in bad conditions, and Mr. Sadri indicated that’s how he made money, by selling the puppies,” said Crown prosecutor Jim Cryder, summarizing the allegations against Sadri.

A man who knew Sadri invited him into his home, Cryder said.

About two weeks later, on May 24, the man came home to find Sadri with “a dead puppy in his hand and blood all over the sink,” according to Cryder.

“It’s alleged he killed a puppy with his bare hands,” Cryder said.

Police were called, and they found Sadri in his vehicle with two adult Pomeranians and three puppies, according to the allegations.

Sadri was charged and released.

Since then, he has missed several court dates and been re-arrested on a number of warrants issued by the court.

Cryder argued Sadri should be kept in custody until his charges are dealt with.

He said Sadri struggles with mental health and addiction issues and has little family or community support.

“The prospects for him attending court in the future so the matters can be dealt with, in Crown’s respectful submission, are slim,” Cryder said.

But Emma Reaume, an articling student who represented Sadri at the bail hearing, said she has been in touch with Sadri’s sister and cousin, and they were willing to help him keep track of his court dates and stay in touch with his lawyer.

B.C. provincial court Judge David St. Pierre released Sadri for a fifth time, saying Sadri “doesn’t have the kind of record that would create a risk concern.”

“However, as Mr. Cryder pointed out, these matters have to get dealt with,” St. Pierre said. “If he continues to fail to show up, he’s going to, whether he likes it or not, live at the jail there while his matters are dealt with.”

Under the terms of his release, Sadri is not allowed to “own, have contact with, have the custody or control of or reside in the same premises of an animal or bird.” 

Sadri has not entered a plea on the charge against him, and the allegations presented at the bail hearing have not been proven in court.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 30.

The maximum penalty for killing an animal without lawful excuse is a $10,000 fine, two years in jail or both.

All the Pomeranians were seized and handed over to the SPCA. They have since been adopted out.

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