Oversize load gets stuck in snow shed on Trans-Canada Highway

Too tall for tunnel

It was a big oops.

A transport truck hauling an oversize load got stuck in one of the snow sheds on the Trans-Canada Highway earlier this week.

It happened Tuesday evening, west of Golden in the westbound lanes of Highway 1.

Paul Goehner posted pictures of the stuck truck on the Rogers Pass Canada Road Conditions Facebook Page. He and his wife, Chris, were on their way to Victoria from Calgary.

He says Highway 1 had just re-opened after being closed for avalanche control when the driver of the oversize load tried to go through the snow shed. He didn’t get very far.

Other motorists behind the truck backed up and then bystanders helped to direct the driver as he backed the semi out of the tunnel and onto the side of the road.

Goehner says it looked like the truck was hauling prefabricated building material.

The front edge of the load appears to be caved in, in at least one of the photos.

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