New Railrider Mountain Coaster set to open beside Golden Skybridge

New mountain coaster

The Interior of British Columbia has a new attraction ready to go this summer.

The Railrider Mountain Coaster, a 3,375-foot mountain coaster beside the Golden Skybridge, will open on May 12.

The Railrider Mountain Coaster will take riders through an old-growth forest between Canada’s two highest suspension bridges. It features an up-track that takes riders 360 metres up the canyon, before they descend 670 metres, reaching speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. Riders will then coast under the tree canopy, around a 360-degree loop, through a 15-metre tunnel and finally shoot out onto a cantilever that extends over the Columbia Valley.

“Following the launch of Canada’s highest suspension bridges, in one of the most stunning mountain locations, our goal is to continue to impress and amaze our guests by building new attractions,” said Tristan MacLaggan, general manager, Golden Skybridge by Pursuit.

“Our commitment to creating an iconic outdoor attraction brings the addition of Western Canada’s newest and largest mountain coaster, adding another exhilarating experience to the mountain attraction.”

The Railrider Mountain Coaster will allow riders to choose their level of adventure with state-of-the-art technology providing safety features to suit their comfort level.

“Our location is so beautiful it was so important to maintain the integrity of the forest and protect the beautiful old-growth trees. The coaster is carefully integrated into the forest, which complements the overall experience,” adds MacLaggan.

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