Kamloops Broncos at risk of folding without $200K in sponsorship cash, dozens of volunteers

Broncos on the brink?

The Kamloops Broncos are in a dire spot, and they’re looking for major help from the community to keep the team afloat.

According to an open letter posted to the team’s Instagram account, the BC Football Conference club’s board of directors said the team needs six figures of sponsorship money and about 50 volunteers.

“We are looking for a rough estimate of around 50 volunteers and $200,000 from donors and sponsorships to come forward this off-season,” the letter reads.

“We’re asking for a response to this letter in the next six weeks or else the harsh conversation will have to be had about the state of the league as a whole and the immediate future of the program.”

According to the club, travel costs have spiked in recent years, including the addition of a BCFC team in Prince George, which requires more costly travel.

“Travel costs alone have risen substantially and the team expensed over $25,000 for the 2023 season,” the letter reads.

The Broncos have struggled on the field since their inaugural BCFC season in 2007, posting one winning season and one .500 season. They finished the 2023 campaign with two wins and eight losses, good for fifth in the seven-team league — a season for which the team was very optimistic.

If the Broncos were to fold, it would not be the first time the Tournament Capital has lost a BCFC team to financial turmoil. The Kamloops Cowboys were relegated to non-playing status by the league in 2003, a few years after that team was founded.

Anyone interested in discussing sponsorship or volunteer opportunities with the Broncos is encouraged to send an email to the club.

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