Behind the Wheel

Right Of Way

Mar 27, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I would still call into question who has the right of way in a right hand turn. If the vehicle is large and needs both lanes to make the turn, does this mean...

Nobody Obeys Speed Zones

Mar 26, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: Rick, what good does it do to have speed zones when only a handful of drivers obey them. Bring back photo radar. Most accidents on the west side are caused...

Customized Cars

Mar 25, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I have a customized car and wanted to shave the door handles. That is where the door handles are removed and a remote control is installed to pop the doors...

Specific Violations

Mar 24, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: From time to time we hear that the RCMP will be cracking down on specific violations in specific areas. Most recently a crackdown Hwy 97 in Westbank and...

Rules For Left Turn

Mar 23, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I would like to know when the rules changed regarding turning left or right from one street to the next. When turning left or right we are supposed to turn...

Placement Of Plates

Mar 22, 2005 / 1:27 pm

Q: The placement of the plate with the decal on a commercial vehicle(tractor trailer unit) is on the front plate. One of my employees read your letter and was...

Intersection Accident-Prone

Mar 21, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: It has always puzzled me why Kelowna has nine out of the ten most accident-prone intersections of the Okanagan, and yet there is nothing being done to fix...

Impaired Driving Charge

Mar 20, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: When a person, (not me) receives an Impaired driving charge, does this charge fall under the criminal code of Canada and in fact do you have a criminal...

Studded Tires

Mar 19, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: My question is twofold: 1. At what point is it illegal to continue driving with studded winter tires? Is there a specific date by which they must be removed?...

Tolerance Of Drinking

Mar 18, 2005 / 12:59 pm

Q: I was wondering with the zero tolerance laws for drinking and driving, how a government operated liquor store can get away with serving samples of alcohol?...

Yellow Lines Different?

Mar 17, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: What is the difference between a broken yellow line and a single yellow line? Passing is allowed when safe for each of them. A: If a driver is proceeding on...

Light Sensors

Mar 15, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: Motorcycles (often) do not trip the light sensors. Some lights are worse than others and I pull to the side and wait for another vehicle to be the first at...

Placement Of Plates

Mar 15, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I just wanted to know why cars are in need of front licence plates? Is it legal to have them on your dashboard instead of having them mounted to your bumper....

Warning Of Radar

Mar 13, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: We often hear announcements of radar locations on the local radio (Silk and maybe others) and I was wondering how this helps the community slow down in...

Ticket For Doors Off

Mar 12, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I have a 1981 Toyota Landcruiser. In the summer when I take my top off, can I take the doors off? The shoulder harness of the seat belt is anchored on the...

Legal To Lane Split

Mar 11, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I have heard rumors and stories that it is legal to lane split with a motorcycle in the States. I got into a pretty heated argument with another fellow...

Test Driving Vehicle

Mar 10, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: I recently heard of an incident where someone was test driving their own uninsured vehicle in their neighborhood after completing some repairs at home. While...

Second In Line Turn

Mar 9, 2005 / 2:09 pm

Q: I heard the other day that if your vehicle is the second in line waiting to turn left on a green light, you are not to move into the intersection unless you...

Red Light Ticket

Mar 9, 2005 / 2:06 pm

Q: A few months back I went through the intersection at KLO and Gordon and the red light camera clearly went off. I am curious as to how long it takes to get a...

Left On One Way

Mar 8, 2005 / 5:30 am

Q: In Westbank ......turning left onto a one way street (when the red light is against you.) Is this legal? You are waiting at the red light on the 2-way street...