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Manitobans Face Anthrax-West Nile

Manitobans Face Anthrax-West Nile

Aug 20, 2005 / 6:20 am

Having endured the mad cow crisis, farmers in southwestern Manitoba are now dealing with a disease that kills cattle. An anthrax outbreak has killed 25 animals...

Tornadoes Hit West Of Toronto

Aug 19, 2005 / 1:23 pm

Tornadoes about 80 kilometres west of Toronto flipped over cars and damaged trees Friday. One unconfirmed report said a funnel cloud had touched down just...

Diamond Industry Potential For Crime

Diamond Industry Potential For Crime

Aug 19, 2005 / 9:00 am

Canada's newly emerging diamond industry is a potential source of criminal activity that could be attractive to both foreign and domestic organized crime...

Radler Cooperating With Gov""t

Aug 18, 2005 / 4:33 pm

David Radler is cooperating with the U.S. government on fraud charges against Hollinger. According to the United States Attorney in Chicago, Radler "expects to...

US Wants To Talk Softwood Lumber

US Wants To Talk Softwood Lumber

Aug 18, 2005 / 10:00 am

The U.S. ambassador wants Canada to reconsider its decision to cancel talks aimed at settling the softwood lumber trade dispute. The two sides had been planning...

Largest Amount Of Ecstasy Seized

Aug 17, 2005 / 1:50 pm

Alberta's new organized crime police unit has seized the largest amount of ecstasy in the province's history -- 213,000 tablets of the drug, with an estimated...

Canada Suspends Softwood Lumber Talks

Aug 16, 2005 / 10:58 am

Canada has suspended softwood lumber talks with the United States to protest America's refusal to heed a NAFTA ruling that sided with the Canadian position. A...

Taber Shooter At Large

Aug 15, 2005 / 3:15 pm

Todd Cameron Smith, known until now as the '"Taber shooter," is illegally at large from his west Toronto halfway house and is considered dangerous. "Toronto...

Postal Workers Launch Campaign To Stop Closure

Aug 15, 2005 / 10:05 am

Postal workers have launched a massive campaign to stop the closure of a mail-sorting plant in Quebec City. Three hundred people work in the facility. Over the...

CBC Locks Out Employees

CBC Locks Out Employees

Aug 15, 2005 / 7:57 am

The CBC locked out about 5,500 employees at 12:01 a.m. Monday after no substantial progress was made in last-minute bargaining between Canada's largest...

Compensation, Not Apology

Compensation, Not Apology

Aug 14, 2005 / 10:19 am

Residents near an Alberta lake tainted by a CN Rail derailment are expected to give CN executives an earful today at a town hall meeting. CN has taken out a...

Cdns Split On Daylight Savings

Aug 13, 2005 / 9:38 am

Following Presidential approval this past Monday of legislation that will lengthen the daylights savings calendar in the United States by one month (moved three...

Premiers Conclude Summit

Premiers Conclude Summit

Aug 13, 2005 / 8:31 am

Wrapping up their annual summit, the premiers said it's time the federal government increases funding for post-secondary education, although they've yet to...

Privacy Law Protects Killer

Privacy Law Protects Killer

Aug 12, 2005 / 1:20 pm

Lynda Shaw was murdered 15 years ago. Police announced Friday in London that they now know the killer was on parole after serving a dozen years for two other...

Govt Unprepared For Oil Spill

Gov""t Unprepared For Oil Spill

Aug 12, 2005 / 7:14 am

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein admitted his government was unprepared to deal with the oil spill into Lake Wabamun caused by a train derailment last week. CBC News...

Officials Promise Action On Chemical Spill

Aug 11, 2005 / 2:50 pm

Both the Alberta and federal environment ministers toured the Lake Wabamun train derailment site on Thursday promising answers and actions over potentially...

Derailed Train Had Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Aug 11, 2005 / 7:35 am

Several days after a Canadian National Railway train spilled 70,000 litres of oil near Lake Wabamun in central Alberta, local residents were unaware that the...

CFIA Issues Baby Food Alert

Aug 11, 2005 / 6:00 am

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued an alert for a popular baby food product. Consumers should not use one production lot of Nestlé Baby Rice Cereal...

Cdns Can""t Hide From Gov""t

Aug 10, 2005 / 1:45 pm

The federal government plans to create 11 new "centres of expertise" to track down Canadians who hide their money in illegal tax havens abroad. The offices will...

Air Quality Research Project

Air Quality Research Project

Aug 10, 2005 / 11:30 am

Environment Canada has commenced a four week air quality research project in the Edmonton area called PrAIRie2005. The study, which runs from August 10 to...