Tory leader Pierre Poilievre says cities turning into 'crime zones'

Cities turn to 'crime zones'

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre doubled down on his belief that "everything feels broken" Friday, as he laced into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for suggesting otherwise.

Poilievre addressed Tory MPs at their two-day caucus retreat ahead of the return of the House of Commons next week.

The meetings come as the country faces the possibly of an economic recession.

Poilievre began his speech outlining the ways Canadians are hurting — whether from high prices at the grocery store, or crime that he characterized as out of control.

He also pointed to Trudeau's comments at the annual Liberal holiday party last month, where the prime minister countered the Conservative leader's message by telling supporters, "Canada is not broken."

Poilievre told MPs cities across the country are becoming "crime zones" under Trudeau's watch, suggesting he is not taking the action he should.

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