Liberals hike income requirement for foreign students, targeting 'puppy mill' schools

Foreign student bar raised

Immigration Minister Marc Miller says Ottawa will require foreigners applying to study in Canada to have double the amount of funds currently required.

Miller says the change is among those meant to ensure international students aren't left vulnerable to sketchy employers and unable to afford life in Canada.

He is also warning provinces the Liberals might limit visas if colleges and universities don't adequately support students, but he tells reporters that governments need to have more conversations before such changes.

Miller likened some colleges to puppy mills, in that they provide foreigners with an inadequate education while giving them a chance to get a visa to work in Canada and to eventually immigrate.

The Liberals are also ramping down a policy that lengthened the time graduating international students could work in Canada without an employment visa.

Miller said Canada will look at offering some sort of support for foreigners who are unable to study in Canada as a result of the new income requirements.

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