Gwyneth Paltrow’s alleged ski crash victim ‘robbed of zest for life in collision’

Paltrow crash trial continues

The daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow’s alleged ski crash victim says the 2016 collision robbed the 76-year-old of his “zest for life”.

Dr. Terry Sanderson’s girl Shae Herath told Park City Court in Utah on Friday — where Paltrow, 50, is being sued for apparently causing brain damage to the former optometrist by crashing into him on a ski slope in 2016 — her dad was extremely fit before the accident.

She told jurors about the crash at Deer Valley Resort in Utah: “He could do almost anything, except for a backflip.”

But she added he is now “very insecure” and does not “trust his brain”, and said she thinks her former army medic dad’s life appears to have become “exhausting”.

Herath also said her father “may be standing in front of you” but it appears as if he is “not there”.

Dr. Sanderson’s friend, former Navy pilot Mark Herath also told jurors on Friday the retired medic had been “social” and “active”, but added about his current condition: “It’s not enjoyable to be around Terry like it used, because of the fact that he’s confused a lot and we talked about the paranoia, and he’s more anxious around people. So you can only take Terry in small doses now.”

Dr. Sanderson’s daughter Shae testified a day after Gwyneth’s lawyer apologized to his other daughter Polly Sanderson-Grasham for being an “a**” during a fiery cross-examination.

Attorney Stephen Owens told Ms Sanderson-Grasham after she returned to the stand after a break in proceedings: “I need to apologize I was being an ass earlier.

“It was wrong for me to triangulate you, your dad, your sister, and your mom. I ask for your forgiveness.”

The attorney appeared to have been referring to a tense moment earlier in the day when he asked Polly if her sister, Jenny – who had claimed in a deposition that their dad was abusive – was a liar.

Jenny, who was due to testify before she backed out, had said in a deposition her dad “relentlessly tried to mould” her.

Polly agreed he did try to “mould” Jenny, but said it didn’t go as far as abuse, and when Mr Owens then asked her if she thought her sister was a liar, she replied: “Sometimes we experience events differently.”

She also told Park City Court in Utah her dad had been left in “a really negative place” since the skiing accident.

Polly claimed before the collision her father was “fun-loving” and “gregarious”, as well as a “goer” and a “real positive influence”.

But she told jurors her dad is now “easily frustrated” and becomes “agitated” and “angry”, with a “pretty short fuse” when it comes to his temper – which she said hadn’t happened before the accident.

Dr. Sanderson is suing Paltrow for $300,000 and has claimed she was “out of control” when she struck him, leaving him with a debilitating brain injury as well as four broken ribs.

Paltrow is also facing the accusation she “bolted” from the scene of the accident – which she strongly denies, instead insisting it was Dr. Sanderson who crashed into her.

Mum-of-two Paltrow – whose children Apple and Moses were 11 and 9 respectively at the time of the ski accident – has been said in court to have been distracted on the slopes by one of her children yelling: “Mommy, Mommy watch me ski,” before the crash.

Paltrow is countersuing Dr. Sanderson, who wants $300,000 in compensation for his apparent brain damage after the collision, and says she wants “symbolic damages” of $1 plus her legal fees covered.

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