Martin Scorsese enjoying TikTok stardom

Scorsese enjoying TikTok

Martin Scorsese is enjoying his new fame on TikTok.

The 81-year-old 'Goodfellas' director has been introduced to a new generation of fans after his 24-year-old daughter Francesca started roping him into her videos on the social media platform with the moviemaker being seen in sketches showing him trying to guess the meaning of modern lingo like GOAT, awarding an Oscar to his dog and even filming with Kylie Jenner on a red carpet - and he's now admitted it's actually "kind of fun".

He told the Guardian newspaper: "Apparently, I’ve been forced to engage with the TikToks. It’s kind of fun, actually. There’s something about suddenly breaking through all this artifice of being properly interviewed or being presented in certain events, and suddenly there we are at home with the dogs all over the floor, in pyjamas and people laughing."

Scorsese was almost 60 when he welcomed youngest daughter Francesca, and he's learned a lot from becoming a dad later in life.

He added: "It’s a very different thing, having children at a late age. It teaches you a lot. It teaches you a great deal about love."

Francesca is Scorsese's daughter from his marriage to Helen Schermerhorn Morris while he also has two elder daughters Catherine and Domenica - aged 58 and 47 - from his previous relationships.

Father-and-daughter recently teamed up to make an advert for Squarespace which aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday night (11.02.24), and Scorsese says Francesca's TikTok videos is just as skilfully made as his movie epics.

When asked if TikToks require the same skills as moviemaking, Scorsese told Wired.com: "Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Exactly. And that's something I can't do. I would never be able to do a TikTok myself. I don't, I don't get the concept. Also I got other things to do ...

"The kids, if they think in those terms, fine. The commercial itself is an obligation to create something that makes its story clear. All of that's pretty enjoyable."

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