Horoscope: Year of Rabbit

(We are pleased to welcome back Heather Zais and her weekly horoscope column. This week, she looks at the year ahead and starting next week will return to her horoscopes for each astrological sign.)

In the Lunar calendar, we are now in the Year of the Rabbit or Cat.

It’s a year influenced by the number 7. Add 2, 0, 2 and 3 (2023) together and you get 7. Seven is a spiritual number.

Many will be looking for answers regarding events and who to blame. Great efforts will be made to calm things down. Some will feel lucky with the rabbits feet while others will have hair balls they want to bring up. There will be clashes between power brokers as they try to claw their way up.

Global changes will seem to occur like magic this year, so take it easy with everything. Find places to enjoy and relax. Socializing and gatherings of all types are favoured.

Intellectual activity extends to many deep discussions and seeking further education, including the arts. Justice will prevail, so avoid breaking the l law. Catching up on crime etc.

Seek balance everywhere.

Plans to improve living conditions and housing will take priority. Building homes will increase.

Use more purring in conversation. Reach across the aisle and loosen the purse strings.

Reproduction will be stepped up on many levels as well, including 3D printing.

Firm up ideas or dreams for practical solutions.

Seek adventure and travel. Looking for a break or more freedom.

Change rules or tactics to suit the times.

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