Horoscope Feb. 26-March 4

Overview: Meet with those connected to the past and find out how things were done. Keep what still works and let go of the rest. Upgrade where you can that is cost-effective. Those holding the reins may need to hand them over to make changes that run more smoothly. They may have to be convinced to let go. Some may actually feel relieved when all is said and done as they knew matters had run their course. Seek out travel deals as there are some. A fun time out will ease you into the next stage of your journey. Cash in travel points if this helps to move forward.

ARIES: You still are in the drivers seat and others respond to you in nice ways. Get together.

TAURUS: You act more independently even if you would rather not. Step carefully with others.

GEMINI: Jump in and take action where it is needed. You have what it takes to shine now.

CANCER: Be willing to try something new or change the way you normally go about things.

LEO: Discuss future plans or activities with those who are affected by this. Sort the details.

VIRGO: A break for you with finances allows you to feel more positive about everything.

LIBRA: Business and personal relationships line up for success or wishes to come true.

SCORPIO: Be prepared to jump at change or opportunity, especially the unexpected ones.

SAGITTARIUS: Stand firm on your position if you are sure it is the right one for all now.

CAPRICORN: Stay the course with work or other responsibilities as they count on you.

AQUARIUS: Private talks connect the dots where needed. Socializing adds a bit of fun.

PISCES: You are willing to open up or clear things. Then relax about it all for later on.

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