Horoscope March 12-18

OVERVIEW: The pressure is on to release information, some personal, some political. Those who have been sitting on it waited for a point of impact in the release. Reputations will be affected one way of the other. It is important to assess if this will all be worth it in the long run. Some things have run the clock and won’t have the anticipated effect or reaction. Certain individuals may regret opening a can of worms over sour grapes. Rise above petty behaviour to play another day. Make sure proof or evidence is accurate. A clear presentation will be important and making sure the right people are aware.

ARIES: You speak with authority and others take notice. They want to get to all the details.

TAURUS: You do your best to maintain the status quo. Others seem to struggle with this.

GEMINI: Walk through details step by step. There are different versions of the truth now.

CANCER: Rug pulling goes on behind the scenes. Try to secure a suitable position etc.

LEO: You seek to expand your influence or area. Look for available short cuts to take.

VIRGO: Don’t let your confidence be shaken be words or actions not of your own doing.

LIBRA: Attention swings in your direction. Say some comforting words to the others.

SCORPIO: Display your talents or abilities. This attracts someone interested in you.

SAGITTARIUS: Special events centre around home, family or community. They help.

CAPRICORN: You lead or teach others near or far. You know what they need or want.

AQUARIUS: Positive financial arrangements allow you to relax a bit avoiding any risk.

PISCES: Flesh out your ideas to impress a select number. You are a natural showman.

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