Horoscope March 19-25

OVERVIEW: Those making power plays try to soften their approach as others need to be convinced of sincerity. More than words will be needed. The new moon on Tuesday would be a good time to start or restart action. Sudden travel does not have to be that far as meetings can happen half way in a neutral spot. Allow time to have a drink or something to eat. Personal or financial arrangements can be settled in a nice way. Take a hands-on approach so you know it’s looked after. Sit on emotions that may be over the top to avoid regrets down the road.

ARIES: You try to carry things on your own as there is some pressure affecting procedures.

TAURUS: You are still the one with your hands on the reins no matter how it looks to others.

GEMINI: You secure support where it counts. You have influential contacts so call them up.

CANCER: You push your agenda in hopes of affecting position or reputation. Come forward.

LEO: Surprises can work to your advantage. Walk the path that is most familiar or paved.

VIRGO: Nail down details that add to your security for now or long term. Chat with others.

LIBRA: Relationships shift to a more equal footing. Relax with each other. Seek change.

SCORPIO: Make a final decision affecting yourself or others. It is past time for clearing.

SAGITTARIUS: Light chats could lead to something deeper as you discuss the future.

CAPRICORN: Being responsible adds to your self esteem. Others listen to your advice.

AQUARIUS: Take a look at your security on all levels. Surprise company is refreshing.

PISCES: You can be a cheerleader for family and associates. It will be appreciated now.

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