Horoscope April 16-22

OVERVIEW: Those who feel they can do what they want will have their wings clipped by some sort of authority or the law. The new moon solar eclipse is a reset point. Work with restrictions so you don’t hurt your reputation going forward. Plan better ways to have your say without being an emotional train wreck; that never looks good. Reality is what it is. Save face by working within current boundaries that provide stability or security. Buy some time where you can and meet with supporters. Mercury will be retrograde for the next three weeks reversing or delaying things. Avoid signing anything binding as it is subject to change.

ARIES: Adjust your emotional force to match the situation. You can still come out on top.

TAURUS: Intuition leads you to information or those who can provide it now. Make calls.

GEMINI: You are a smooth talker and can get yourself out of most sticky situations etc.

CANCER: Keeping feelings private is the best way to go until you get some feedback.

LEO: Allow others to share the limelight and it will add to your own improved status now.

VIRGO: The support you need is available if you follow the path already laid out. Chat.

LIBRA: Confidential info helps you plug leaks or prevent losses. Avoid taking a gamble.

SCORPIO: Make home or location choices for better operation. Others will be affected.

SAGITTARIUS: Soft conversations will shore up support in personal or business areas.

CAPRICORN: Distance yourself from matters you don’t control for now. Revisit later on.

AQUARIUS: Certain restrictions are actually a type of protection for you. Relax with it.

PISCES: Consider where you are headed long term and who or what moves with you.

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