Van Helsing cast tells us what to expect in season four

The crew from the Netflix series "Van Helsing" came to town on earlier this month to begin their five-day on-location shoot in the area.

KamloopsMatters was lucky enough to spend some time with them during their last day of filming and get some insight on what we might expect in the shows fourth season.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, "Van Helsing" is based in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires run rampant.

Jonathan Scarfe, also known for his role in Equalizer 2, says his character Axel will be undergoing some changes in the upcoming season.

“Where we left him at the end of last season, he was sort of at his lowest point, because he just lost the love of his life."

“I think he is lost when we find him at the beginning of this season,” Scarfe says. "I think the journey this season is him trying to find his way back to humanity.”

Scarfe plays one of the shows main characters, a former military man who was left with one last mission, protecting Vanessa Helsing.

“It’s a blast, I love everything about playing this character,” Scarfe says. “He is sort of the sardonic kind of anti-hero, tough-guy. It’s not something I’ve done a whole bunch of in my career and it’s a skin I’ve become more and more comfortable to wear over the four seasons.”

“It is sort of a fresh take on the genre,” he adds, on why he was drawn to the role. “I was a fan of the Walking Dead and there is some obvious of similarities there.”

Vincent GaleVincent Gale who has played Flesh right from the first episode, reviews the script in between takes. One of the best things about working on Van Helsing is the freedom directors give him with the character, he says. (via Cavelle Layes)

One addition to season four is the Richard Harmon, known for his role as John Murphy in "The 100."

“I can’t say too much about the character I’m playing,” Harmon says, citing spoilers. “I will say he is one of the most fun characters I have played in my career so far.”

Harmon wasn’t able to say if he'll be a regular character moving forward, but did let us know he'd be in more than one episode.

“I’ll say my character is a lot to handle for everyone, including himself,” Harmon says, noting that his character Max is very different than John Murphy in "The 100."

One of the perks of working with Van Helsing Harmon says was that he never heard the word ‘no’ from directors.

“This character allows me to do literally anything and they are just like ‘yeah that’s Max, that works.”

Vincent Gale, whom you may have seen in The Final Cut, "Bates Motel" or more recently in The Mountain Between Us, has been with "Van Helsing" since the first episode.

Through the past seasons viewers have watched his character Flesh overcome obstacles, including being turned into a vampire, losing his wife and child, and, after finding love once again, she was killed off as well.

“It is interesting because they kept piling stuff on me,” Gale says regarding the mass amounts of loss his character Flesh has suffered through. “I just kind of became the receptacle for loss and self-loathing. It’s a great character to get to do and I love working on this show.”

“The writers are incredibly generous," he continues. "They have the arc of the story, but when it comes to what is coming out of the characters mouths, they really trust us because we have been doing this and playing these characters for four years."

At the end of season three Gale’s character was heading out to find his family who he previously thought was dead.

“Without spoiling anything they bring the character full circle,” he says, noting he will continue on with his journey to find them.

"One of the treats of doing the show is getting to go down and do Comic-Con the last few years," Scarfe says.  "It's such a neat way to get introduced to the fan base."

"It is like the nicest group of people," he adds. "No one is grumpy, they are rampant and loyal. The costumes are insane, with some of them there is such a high level of artistry behind them, they should be on set."

The upcoming season of Van Helsing will is expected to air on the Syfy channel as well as Netflix in October.

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