Dashcam catches close call on highway in Kamloops

Heading out on the Coquihalla is not always the most relaxing experience, and one driver started off with this heart-pounding moment.

Caught on a dashcam and uploaded by YouTuber Brian Lawson, the footage shows an SUV and semi getting a little close for comfort at an on-ramp on the western edge of Kamloops, near Copperhead Drive.

In the video, the SUV is coming down the on-ramp in a merge lane and looks to merge with traffic at speed in front of the truck with the dashcam. On the left, from the middle lane of the highway, a semi moves over at the same time, looking to get into the right-hand lane.

Just as the merge lane ends, the SUV slams on the brakes, allowing the semi to go. The SUV then needs to gun it so the truck with the dashcam doesn't rear-end it. From the sounds of it, the truck with the dashcam slows down as well, allowing the SUV some room.

During the incident, someone in the truck with the dashcam makes a simple observation.

"This is going to be bad," a man says.

Luckily, an accident doesn't occur, and it appears everyone goes on with their day.

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