Don't eat random roadside potatoes... obviously

North of Kamloops, there's a pile of spuds sitting in the mud, but don't bother eating them, because they're mostly duds.

This "free potato pile" was brought to our attention by an anonymous source, but it turns out these taters aren't just there for the taking after all. 

The potatoes and onions are ones that didn't meet the market standard for Green Acres Farm due to various defects and will be turned into compost to help the growth of future crops. 

While some might look good to eat, that would be an ill-advised move, says Jas Dhaliwal with Green Acres Farm.

"Any type of food that's out in the elements, anything can happen. An animal can defecate on them or they could be carrying disease," he says. 

"Once it goes out in the elements, then there's no protection for how it is or guarantee for how it's been treated. I don't think anybody should be eating them."

There is a sign that denotes roadside root vegetables shouldn't be consumed, but it gets knocked over a lot, so it's not uncommon for folks to help themselves, despite the pile being on Green Acres property.

For those that would like to see the potatoes and onions given to the less fortunate, Dhaliwal says they do send ones that pass their grading system to North Okanagan Gleaners, where they're dehydrated and turned into a soup base for the needy.

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