Running every street in Kamloops to raise funds for symphony

Running every street in Kam

He runs the Kamloops Symphony and now he's running Kamloops for the symphony.

Daniel Mills is the executive director of the Kamloops Symphony, and as such, he's got certain responsibilities. None of them are to run every road, street and cul-de-sac in the city, but he's doing that too.

It's part of a new fundraiser for the organization.

"It’s going to take place over the course of the season," he says. "I still have my job to do."

Using his watch (which has GPS), some open-source maps and a tech-savy friend, he's figured out a relatively efficient route to hit everywhere from Aberdeen to Valleyview. It's an estimated 1,330 km of streets.

"I expect to run 30 to 50 km a week," Mills says. "I’m just an amateur runner, but I kinda fell into it seven or eight years ago now."

The idea combines a few ideas. Mills likes to run, runs the symphony, is looking for ways to raise funds for the organization and is relatively new to the city and still learning it.

"A lot of races have been canceled this past summer," he explains. "So I was looking for a new running goal."

A friend in Montreal had run every street in his neighbourhood, and Mills liked the idea.

He plans to start Aug. 14 by Westsyde Secondary School, which holds a special place in the symphony's history.

"It was the site of the first rehearsal (of the symphony)," he explains.

He'll continue on, three or four times a week, making his way from the valley floor to hilltops throughout the city. Barnhartvale is "not going to be super fun" he notes, but Rose Hill, depending on the direction he goes, may be the most challenging day.

Overall he and the symphony's board is hoping he'll be able to raise $15,000 in new donations via the CanadaHelps.org fundraising website. One long time donar, Rae Nixon, is offering to match up to $5,000 in new donations, so that'll help.

"We’re hoping this shows the symphony is for everyone in the city," he says.

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