Welcome to Cookie's Place, a new affordable housing project for seniors

This is Cookie's Place

Shovels went in the ground this morning at a new affordable seniors home in Aberdeen.

Cookie's Place, located at 1260 Hillside Ct., will feature four storeys and 37 units. Monthly rent will range from $375 to $825.

"It's 37 units of one-bedroom housing for couples and individuals age 55 and over," says Bob Hughes, CEO of ASK Wellness Society, "allowing people to get back into work and start to work on their health."

Cookie's Place is a partnership between the province, the City of Kamloops and ASK Wellness. The B.C. government is putting $3.9 million into the project, the city is giving $130,000 in municipal waivers, and ASK Wellness is providing the land, valued at $817,000.

ASK Wellness will manage the building and will collaborate with a number of programs to provide employment and clinical care for residents.

Cookie’s Place was named after Cookie Reimer, one of the founding organizers of the society. She has devoted 28 years of her life to the program. 

"I'm deeply honoured that they chose to name it after me," expresses an emotional Reimer, who celebrates more than one big milestone today. 

"I'm a survivor of cancer, and I finished my chemo, and I'm getting my energy back," Reimer says.

In an interview with Castanet, Hughes says Cookie's Place will be a place for seniors who have worked hard but have not been able to buy a home, or have gone through tough times.

"(It's) for them to be able to have a place that has dignity, that they're not paying 80 per cent of their fixed income on a place to live. It allows them to think about other things they want to do and move from survival to thriving," he says.

Residents are expected to move in during the fall of 2021.

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