Here's what clubbing looks like during a pandemic

Clubbing during COVID

There has been quite the debate among British Columbians as to which businesses should be open or closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Night clubs are one of those discussions.

How does a business maintain physical distancing when its sole purpose is to bring people together?

Cactus Jacks night club in Kamloops reopened two weeks ago with new health and safety protocols to invite customers back.

As you enter the building, your eyes immediately catch the glare of the plexiglass hanging along every bar.  Glow-in-the-dark tape arrows direct you throughout the club and there is sanitizer — everywhere.

Owner Jordan Landry says he is doing everything in his power to maintain physical distancing protocols in his night club.

"We do not allow groups to dance together. You are not allowed to intermingle. Our bouncers enforce that strictly. You have to keep your mask on when you're walking around," Landry says. "You don't come to the bar anymore, everything is brought to you. We also have extreme safety protocols at the front door that you have to sign off on."

Landry also painted white "bubbles" outlined with more glow-in-the-dark tape to section off each group.  Washroom visits require a mask and should be mentioned to your server to avoid group crossovers. 

As for meeting new people, Landry says he has a solution for that too.

"If you see someone you like across the room, we highly recommend you either send a drink from the bartender over to them or give the staff your phone number to give to the person that you're interested in. It's sort of like school again in that regard."

"Send a note, pass a note." he laughs.

Although CJ's is allowed to have up to 300 people inside, which is 50 per cent of their capacity, Landry will be capping it at 75 to best ensure the health and safety of patrons.

"People are definitely anxious, they're scared and nervous, for sure. But when they come into the front door, I've been hearing that it goes away right away. So that makes me feel proud," Landry expresses.

To learn more about following the Cactus Jacks physical distancing protocols, text 250-318-2023.

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