BC NDP promise Ashcroft Hospital will become 24/7 if re-elected

NDP promise Ashcroft help

John Horgan has promised to make the Ashcroft Hospital a 24/7 operation if re-elected.

The hospital often closes due to a lack of staff and shuts down weekday nights; last year, a petition was launched to get the hospital and community health care centre a more stable schedule. Now, in a press release, the NDP candidate for the Fraser-Nicola riding says he has a promise from Horgan that it'll be a priority.

"Making sure people can get emergency care any time of day or night is my priority for the people of Ashcroft, Cache Creek and the surrounding area,” says Aaron Sumexheltza in the release.

He goes on to note a lack of trained staff has been the issue and says the NDP are training and attracting more doctors and nurses.

"And now I’m pleased to say that I’ve received an assurance from John Horgan that this hospital will be open 24/7 if his government is re-elected,” Sumexheltza continues.

Sumexheltza is one of five candidates vying for the Fraser-Nicola seat. There's also incumbent Jackie Tegart running for the BC Liberals, Jonah Timms with the Greens and two independents — Dennis Adamson and Mike Bhangu.

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