Kamloops RCMP surprised by the number of impaired drivers

31 impaired drivers caught

The ongoing pandemic and early closure of pubs and night clubs haven't curbed the number of impaired drivers, according to the Kamloops RCMP.

Local Mounties have pulled 31 drivers from local roads since Dec. 1, for being impaired by alcohol or drugs, according to a press release from the Kamloops detachment. Of those, 15 have received 90-day roadside prohibitions and had their vehicles impounded.

"COVID has not curbed the need for enforcement and the local RCMP continue to be busy intercepting impaired drivers on the local roadways," states Sgt. Brian O'Callaghan in the release. "Police have been surprised by the numbers with the local night clubs and pubs being closed earlier in the evening."

The Counter Attack program will continue through the holiday season, RCMP reminds the public. They encourage everyone to plan a safe ride home, using designated drivers, transit, or taxis if need be.

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