Trozzo wins Tourism Kamloops' photography contest with mountain biking image

Trozzo snaps No. 1 photo

Kaleb Trozzo is a Kamloops mountain biker and amateur photographer, and he combined his two passions to become a winner.

Trozzo has been announced as Tourism Kamloops’ inaugural Adventure Photo Contest winner.

“Mountain biking is where photography started for me,” Trozzo said in a Tourism Kamloops press release.

“My friends and I were always out on local trails riding and I decided to bring my camera one day. Fifteen years later I still love shooting photos. I get the same butterflies uploading a photo to Instagram and I hope when other people see my images, they get excited too.”

Finishing tops among 275 submissions, Trozzo won a $700 gift certificate from True Outdoors.

The panel of judges saw the talents of local photographers Mary Putnam, Tamra Jaeger and Peter Olsen.

“I was honoured to be chosen for the judge’s panel alongside Peter and Tamra,” Putnam stated. “I was wowed by the number of quality of photo submissions — a testament to how much our locals love to get outside and showcase the opportunities to explore this beautiful place we call home."

They chose the winners based on Tourism Kamloops brand guidelines, unique topography, proper safety equipment, designated trails and that photographs were taken in the last year.

Photographs portrayed the many outdoor activities Kamloops has to offer, such as mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, paddling and fishing.

Second place went to Brent Gill who won a $350 gift card and third to Erin Vieira, receiving a $150 gift card.

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