Online fundraiser launched Friday for man stabbed last month in downtown Kamloops

Fundraiser after stabbing

An online fundraiser has been set up for the victim of a March 31 stabbing in downtown Kamloops.

Dewald Van Der Merwe created a GoFundMe page, stating on it:

“I am here today to raise funds for my brother, Yuki. Just before the Easter long weekend, Yuki found himself in a life-threatening situation that resulted in him being violently stabbed several times. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and the incredible medical staff at Royal Inland Hospital made some life-saving decisions that subsequently allowed my brother a second chance at life.”

Van Der Merwe said his brother's bike was stolen during the alleged attack and that is why he started the fundraiser.

“Anyone who has ever known my brother knows that he loves the outdoors, especially mountain biking," he states on the page.

"It has been a passion of his since we were children. So I thought that we could rally around my brother and let him know that we love and support him by raising enough money to purchase him a new bike.”

Van Der Merwe said he is looking to raise $5,000.

“A $5000 funding goal will set him well on his way to resuming his favourite activity once he has fully recovered from this trauma," he said on the page.

Police have not confirmed the name of the victim.

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