15 new positive COVID-19 cases have been recorded at Sun Peaks

15 new cases at Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks is dealing with a number of recent positive COVID-19 tests, recording 15 more cases as of Friday.

Dr. Shane Barclay sent out an email warning residents and guests on Saturday.

“It is with even deeper regret to inform you that yesterday we did over 40 tests and now have 15 more positive COVID-19 cases," he said. "The people affected are from all areas of employment within Sun Peaks.”

In a letter to residents on Friday, Barclay stated that Friday was the last day for testing in Sun Peaks.

“Unfortunately, today will be the last testing day here in Sun Peaks. Interior Health apparently does not have the capacity to continue testing next week so anyone wishing to be tested today will need to go to Kamloops.”

With the additional 15 positive tests, Sun Peaks is now in communication with Interior Health to get testing back Dr. Barclay said Saturday.

“We are still in contact with Interior Health to obtain more testing capacity here for next week and are waiting for further instructions from the Public Health Officer. Updates will be posted on Survivors Facebook site," Dr. Barclay said, referring to a private Sun Peaks resident Facebook page.

"If we do get testing in Sun Peaks next week we will send out notification.”

Barclay urged residents and visitors to stay isolated at this time.

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