Environment Canada predicts a mix of sun, clouds and rain for the first part of May

Mixed weather in early May

After a fairly dry April, the beginning of May looks like it will bring a few more rainy days to cities across the Thompson-Okanagan.

Dave Wray, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said they are predicting typical spring-like weather for the coming seven to 10 days, with a mix of sun, clouds and rainfall expected.

“What we’re looking at is kind of a nice day, a rainy day, a nice day, a rainy day. Kind of back and forth, little ridges of high pressure in between,” Wray said.

According to Wray, Monday is bringing a low pressure system from the coast, with some showers possibly picking up around midday.

Wray said Kamloops is more likely to see these raindrops, with a 70 per cent chance of showers.

Vernon, Penticton and Kelowna are more likely to stay dry, with a 60 per cent chance of rainfall expected, according to Wray.

“And then, you guessed it, on Tuesday a bit of a high pressure ridge. So back to a mix of sun and cloud,” Wray said.

“A couple days’ stretch there of dry, warm weather, daytime highs getting back to 20. But then, another weak system coming through on Thursday and Thursday night, so again, another pop of showers.”

Kamloops has a higher chance of rainfall on Thursday, with the other areas of the Thompson-Okanagan seeing a 40 to 60 per cent chance of showers.

The weekend should bring a mix of sun and clouds for the region. Wray said the “extreme South Okanagan” will see temperatures in the low twenties.

Wray said on average, April was a dry month, with preliminary data showing the Kamloops area only saw 24 per cent of normal rainfall.

Although there are some showers forecast for the first part of May, Wray said there isn’t any major rainfall expected.

“Considering the way April was, especially the first part, a little bit of rain is not a bad thing,” Wray said.

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