New evacuation alert issued for Tremont Creek wildfire

New Tremont evac alert

UPDATE 9:42 P.M.

An evacuation alert has been issued by the TNRD for Electoral Area “J.”

The Tremont Creek wildfire poses a threat to 43 properties in the area. Those properties include 1420 Abbey Rd, 420 to 488 Cactus Rd, 388 and 480 Cherry Creek Station Rd, 437 to 965 Deer Dr, and 4729 to 6009 Trans-Canada Hwy.

The alert was issued to help residents prepare for a possible evacuation if necessary.

For more information on the evacuation alert, click here.

UPDATE 6:30 p.m.

The BC Wildfire Service has published a new map, showing the recent growth of the Tremont Creek wildfire.

The 41,000-hectare fire remains seven kilometres from the evacuated community of Logan Lake.

“There was continued fire growth to the south yesterday, originating from both the south and east flanks,” BCWS said. “Ground crews and equipment are working to establish contingency guards on the south flank of the fire, south of Tunkwa Lake.”

Fire crews are also protecting structures in Logan Lake and the Tunkwa Lake area.

In an update Friday afternoon, the District of Logan Lake said that residents will not be able to return home in the "short term." The only reason residents will be allowed back in, is with RCMP escort to collect critical medical items.

UPDATE 3:45 p.m.

Most of the approximately 2,000 residents of Logan Lake were able to safely get out of town after they were ordered to leave because of the fast-moving Tremont Creek wildfire.

Randy Diehl at the Emergency Operations Centre says most of those in the community heeded the call to get out.

"Only about six people remained behind," said Diehl.

"There's not much we can do when they refuse to go. A couple of people that were compromised, and we managed to convince them to go. They were having a hard time leaving their home."

Diehl says some of those who stayed behind are well prepared with their own water tanks and pumps and sprinkler systems.

"That's good, because we don't want them to tap into our system because we need all the water we can get."

If need be, Diehl says, the district knows where those who stayed behind are, and they have the resources necessary to get them out.

They also have 24-7 RCMP patrols throughout the community.

For those who have evacuated, about 25 members of the Logan Lake Volunteer Fire Department, as well as 150 wildfire firefighters are in the community to fight the fire and ensure falling embers don't cause spot fires with municipal boundaries.

Diehl says the conditions are better today than they were less than 24 hours ago.

He says the smoke isn't as bad as it is just north on Kamloops.

"I'm surprised how clear it is."

The BC Wildfire Service says, at last report, the fire was still about seven kilometres from the community.

UPDATE 9:50 a.m.

The Tremont Creek wildfire continued to show some growth along the southern flank and into the Forge Creek area overnight.

Despite the growth, Erin Bull, fire information officer for the Tremont Creek fire says the southern edge of the blaze remain about seven kilometres from the community of Logan Lake.

The town of about 2,000 was ordered to evacuate Thursday night as the blaze jumped southern containment lines.

The fire is now estimated at 38,000 hectares, although Bull does say more accurate mapping is expected later today.

Bull says structural protection crews were stationed in both Logan Lake and on properties in the Tunkwa Lake area throughout the evening.

"We had structural protection specialists as well as municipal fire apparatus. They were stationed there patrolling overnight and will remain there today continuing to install structural protection equipment," she said.

"Crews were on the fire lines overnight monitoring fire progression."

Bull says keeping the fire away from Logan Lake is the number 1 priority today when winds are expected to be less intense than Thursday.

"We have heavy equipment and helicopters who will continue to work the fire today, establishing contingency lines to the south of the fire between the perimeter and Logan Lake."

More intense winds are expected Saturday.


Fire crews are playing catchup today on the Tremont Creek wildfire after it jumped containment lines Thursday, forcing the evacuation of the entire community of Logan Lake.

More than 2,000 residents were told to leave their homes and were dispersed across the province, many heading to an ESS centre in Chilliwack while others were welcomed at the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc powwow grounds in Kamloops.

One Logan Lake resident was grateful to have family in Kamloops to stay with.

"We are very lucky,” Krista Lobb said

As she was leaving home on Thursday, she says it was very eerie and unsettling in Logan Lake, “we noticed a lot of people zooming into Logan Lake as we were leaving.”

“I’m guessing people who were at work are trying to get in and grab some stuff.”

The Tremont Creek fire, last estimated at 36,000 hectares, escaped containment lines in the southeast near Tunkwa Lake. The flames were seven kilometres from the community on Thursday evening and it is not known how much the fire has moved overnight.

BCWS expects hot, dry conditions and gusting winds will continue through Saturday.

“Structure protection specialist resources have been deployed to Logan Lake to assess and install structure protection equipment.”

The community of Logan Lake has been on evacuation alert for weeks and has been spending that time installing their own sprinklers on homes in interface areas.

There are now 97 firefighters, 10 helicopters and 38 pieces of heavy equipment assigned to the Tremont Creek fire.

This story will be updated throughout the day as more information is known.

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