Twelve historic downtown homes for sale, to be moved to new locations ahead of ambitious development

Historic homes have to go

The Kamloops developer behind the ambitious City Gardens project, which plans to transform a large section of downtown, is offering a dozen historic homes for sale to be moved to new locations.

Kelson Group has partnered with Nickel Bros House Moving to offer the homes for sale to buyers who have somewhere to put them — because they have to go to make way for the development, the company's president said.

“With our development permit for City Gardens now submitted and our goal of breaking ground in early 2022, our collaboration with Nickel Bros is a good-news story for our development,” Jason Fawcett, president of the Kelson Group, said in a news release.

“For those interested in acquiring one of the houses we will remove in advance of starting our groundwork for City Gardens, Nickel Bros has the extensive experience required to move the houses available for purchase over the coming months.”

City Gardens has been in the works for some time. Kelson Group updated its plans for the project most recently in March.

The development is planned to cover an area between Fourth and Fifth avenues, from Battle Street past Nicola Street. It will involve the construction of two high rises, 18 and 22 storeys tall, alongside other multi-family structures along with residential and commercial spaces.

Twenty homes have to come down to make way for the development. According to Kelson Group, 12 of them have been identified as being candidates for potential relocation.

The company said the remaining eight houses will have salvageable materials “removed and repurposed” with guidance from the Kamloops Museum and Archives and the Kamloops Heritage Commission.

The houses available for relocation are 520 Fifth Ave., 530 Fifth Ave., 576 Fifth Ave., 420 Nicola St., 430 Nicola St., 435 Nicola St., 443 Nicola St., 461 Nicola St., 469 Nicola St., 435 Battle St., 451 Battle St. and 461 Battle St.

Jeremy Nickel, partner in Nickel Bros, said the cost for moving a heritage home starts at $75,000 — but, he said, there is a lot to consider.

“These are used homes and will require work,” he said.

“But even before those considerations, there are many requirements that come into play, such as the proximity, location and the route to get the house’s new destination to take into account.”

Deals must be complete by Nov. 30. More information can be found on the Kelson Group’s website.

“We are excited to see what kind of interest there is from homeowners, societies, municipalities and others for these houses,” Fawcett said.

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