KFR crew tackle vehicle fire with snow, fire extinguishers after engine water pump freezes

Snow used to smother fire

A frozen engine water pump didn’t stop Kamloops Fire Rescue crews from tackling a vehicle fire on a Valleyview property Monday afternoon.

Chris Pretula, KFR platoon captain, told Castanet one engine responded to a report of a car fire around noon.

“They were out in the Dallas, Barnhartvale area for a call, and when they arrived on scene, they went to flow water out of the pump and the pump was frozen,” Pretula said.

According to Pretula, the crew called for backup. While two more engines were on their way, firefighters used fire extinguishers and snow to snuff out the flames.

“The crew that was on scene used two extinguishers and shovelled some snow onto the car to try to stop it,” Pretula said.

“They had it knocked down, basically when Engine One arrived, with the extinguishers and the snow, and then Engine One was able to put out the rest of the fire.”

Pretula said the vehicle was parked near a residence and the flames had melted the vinyl siding of the home, but the fire didn’t extend into the home.

He said there were no injuries as a result of the fire.

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