City of Kamloops applies for provincial grant to support social plan review, incorporate diverse perspectives

Funds for social plan update

The City of Kamloops has applied for a provincial grant to support updating the city’s social plan, with staff saying funds will help include perspectives of people who have lived in poverty.

Carmin Mazzotta, the city’s social, housing and community development manager, told council on Feb. 15 the $25,000 in grant funding was made available to support initiatives such as poverty reduction plan development.

Mazzotta said the city is planning to review and update the Kamloops Social Plan — a document which outlines priorities and goals to enhance resident well-being — in 2022.

“Funds from the grant program will be used to support the engagement process, including to provide honorariums for people with a lived or living experience of poverty, who participate in the engagement process and share their voice,” Mazzotta said.

“Funds would also be used to support the plan development process, including incorporating the feedback of people with lived or living experience into the planning process and into the plan itself.”

According to the city, the social plan update will include discussions on poverty reduction, affordable housing, homelessness, childcare, food security, substance use and mental health, gender and identity, and truth and reconciliation.

The city said the planning process will include engagement with several diverse groups.

Mazzotta said staff will be returning to council before the end of March to outline a plan for reviewing and updating the social plan document.

Council voted unanimously to approve the grant application.

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