Kamloops man wins $1,000,000 in lottery

Kamloops man wins $1M

Kamloops’ own Greg Gauthier is the latest winner of the Lotto 6/49.

The lucky winner and his wife were scrolling through their email inbox, as they do every morning, but this time around they noticed an email notifying them that they won a prize on PlayNow.com.

The winner of exactly $1,000,000 says he and his wife are quite excited and that they couldn’t believe all the zeros attached to the winnings.

“My biggest feeling was that I can now look into the future and put my kids and grandson in a great place. I’m able to make life easier for my family and I really enjoy helping out,” he said.

The millionaire plans to celebrate his luck over a family dinner, and he looks forward to taking a trip to the east coast and perhaps somewhere hot.

“I’m not going to argue if we get away during the winter months,” he joked.

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