KFR reminds trail users to take care while enjoying the outdoors

KFR urges caution on trails

With spring on the way, Kamloops Fire Rescue is reminding trail users to take extra care and be aware of their surroundings while enjoying the outdoors.

In a social media post, KFR said crews have been brushing up on springtime rope rescue skills in anticipation of the change in seasonal activities.

“As the snow departs, people are eager to get out and return to the wonderful Kamloops outdoors, but this inevitably leads to a few getting into trouble in areas like Peterson Creek and Cinnamon Ridge,” the post said.

The fire rescue agency said trail users should remain aware of their surroundings and watch their step, especially if they are new to the area. There are several trails near steep drop-offs, and at this time of year, trails can quickly become muddy and slippery.

KFR reminded pet owners to keep control of their dogs at all times.

“Dogs suddenly chasing after wildlife or other dogs have caused many accidental injuries to themselves and their humans,” the post said.

Those heading outdoors should also be sure to stay on marked trails.

KFR said heading off trail can cause damage to grasslands when the ground is wet, and can result in people encountering unexpected hazards.

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