Attempted break-in causes damage to Kamloops Search and Rescue trailer

Damage to KSAR trailer

The Kamloops Search and Rescue Team experienced another break-in on Thursday night, this time into their trailer.

Director Diana Gerlof said it's "terribly" frustrating having to deal with the ongoing damage caused by the break-ins.

"We're all volunteers. So we spent all our time on this. It's incredibly rewarding, but at the same time, things like this take up so much time of already very busy members," she said. "And it's a secure lot, so it's all fenced in and we put on some cameras last time just to deter them from even trying."

After the first break-in, KSAR added high-quality locks to their storage container. Gerlof said the thieves tried to get in the side door of the trailer this time and wedged something in between, which now has left the door unable to close.

Luckily, their sleds and gear are still there, appearing that nothing had been taken.

"It might be that they didn't have the opportunity to take it basically. But yes, nothing was gone. There was only quite a bit of damage."

The incident has been reported to the RCMP.

KSAR is currently looking into repairs for the trailer and is also searching for another facility to call home.

"We have two more years in this facility and then we have to leave, so we have to try to find another spot where we can store our stuff. Our gear and our trucks and trailers and a place where we can train indoors," Gerlof added.

KSAR is hoping the community can help them find their new spot. Any tips or leads on locations can be sent to [email protected]

KSAR is a volunteer search and rescue team with a wide variety of skills providing an important life-saving service to the public, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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