Prohibited driver arrested, jailed after cutting off Mountie in Tim Hortons drive-thru

Jailed after cutting off cop

A prohibited driver who was arrested after cutting off a Kamloops RCMP constable in a Tim Hortons drive-thru has been ordered to spend two weeks in jail.

Cody Dean Kuch, 31, pleaded guilty in Kamloops provincial court on Thursday to one count of driving while prohibited.

Kuch was prohibited from driving on Feb. 10 when his Chevrolet Silverado cut in front of a Mountie in the drive-thru line at the Tim Hortons at the corner of Columbia Street and Summit Drive.

“The officer conducted a traffic stop just as the vehicle left the drive-thru and found Mr. Kuch was the only occupant and driving the vehicle,” Crown prosecutor Monica Fras said in court.

“He was identified and asked if he had a driver’s licence. He replied that he did not have one.”

Defence lawyer Jeff Maxwell said Kuch decided to drive because he was in a rush.

“Unfortunately he chose to drive when he was not allowed to drive,” he said. “He tells me he was late for work that day.”

Kuch was previously convicted of driving while prohibited in 2021.

Kamloops provincial court Judge Stella Frame sentenced Kuch to 14 days in jail and fined him $500. He will be allowed to serve his sentence on weekends.

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