Parole for Kamloops drug dealer who sold three kilos of cocaine to undercover Mounties

Biker gang dealer out of jail

A Kamloops drug dealer who started dealing cocaine by the kilogram to pay for his kids’ expensive medications has been granted day parole.

Shawn Carlisle, 49, was sentenced in February to 2.5 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to one count each of trafficking cocaine and unlawfully selling cannabis.

Court heard Carlisle sold three kilograms of cocaine and nearly $20,000 worth of cannabis distillate to undercover Mounties during a years-long police investigation targeting the Throttle Lockers, an alleged Kamloops biker gang.

Undercover investigators targeted a Valleyview hydroponics shop at which Carlisle was working.

At sentencing, Carlisle’s lawyer said he was motivated by a desire to pay for expensive medication for two of his children, who have cystic fibrosis.

In a decision dated Aug. 3, the Parole Board of Canada granted Carlisle day parole and approved him for full parole when he becomes eligible in December.

According to the decision, Carlisle told the board he is now an “inactive” member of the biker gang. He said he joined the gang after being attracted by “rides” and other social activities.

Prison officials believe Carlisle is downplaying his gang connections.

“While you are now considered an inactive gang member, [Correctional Service Canada] believes your involvement in the drug and gang subculture was more than it appears on the surface,” the PBC decision reads.

The document does not state where Carlisle hopes to reside on day parole, but said police in that area opposed the release plan because they “believe there may be incompatibility issues with a gang member in that location.”

While on day parole, Carlisle will be barred from associating or communicating with any criminals or gang members and prohibited from entering any bars or liquor stores. He will also be required to “provide documented financial information” to his parole officer and barred from possessing more than one cell phone.

Carlisle was charged alongside Zale Coty and Jacob Cavanagh. Coty is expected to plead guilty at some point soon.

Carlisle had been the owner of Carlisle’s Smoke & Grill Cafe in Falkland. The restaurant shuttered in February, the week before Carlisle was sent to prison.

Carlisle will become eligible for full parole on Dec. 7. His sentence will end in August of 2025.

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