First unionized Sephora store files complaint for unfair labour practice

Union files against Sephora

The union that represents Sephora employees in Kamloops has filed an unfair labour practice complaint with the BC Labour Relations Board.

The Kamloops location became the first unionized Sephora store last summer. Since then UCFW 1518 and the company have been negotiating significant wage improvements for Sephora workers, but the union said it has received reports that its members were feeling threatened by management and were at risk of losing wages and benefits.

“We are extremely disappointed to hear from our members that Sephora is using these tactics,” UFCW 1518 president Kim Novak. “We expect better from this company. That means Sephora coming to the bargaining table with an offer we can bring back to our members that includes significant wage increases, better flexibility and respect for the work they do.

“We are ready and willing to work with Sephora, but we need to see respect for our members in the process.”

The union is fighting for significant wage increases, assurance of health benefits, retention of store bonuses, and more at the bargaining table. Once negotiations are complete, all workers at the Kamloops Sephora store will have the opportunity to vote on the tentative contract.

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