Five months time served for man who attacked on-duty Kamloops Fire Rescue captain

Firefighter attack leads to jail

A Kamloops man has been ordered to spend five months in prison after admitting to assaulting an on-duty Kamloops Fire Rescue captain — an incident that put the firefighter off work for more than a year with “deep psychological” trauma.

Mitchell James Nesbitt, 33, was sentenced Thursday in Kamloops provincial court after pleading guilty to one count of assault.

Court heard KFR crews were called to an address in the 500-block of Tranquille Road on June 24, 2022, for a fire burning complaint.

Crown prosecutor Evan Goulet said the firefighters arrived to find evidence of a fire. A man and a woman in the area told them there was no fire, and the firefighters responded by saying they did not appreciate being lied to.

“Mr. Nesbitt became verbally aggressive,” he said. “The firefighters told them that they were going to call the police and that they should move along.”

As the firefighters were walking away, Nesbitt threw an item that whizzed past KFR Capt. Alexander Shepherd’s head.

“A hard fist-sized object flew past his ear and had been thrown by Mr. Nesbitt, as seen by the other two firefighters who were there,” Goulet said.

“The three of them restrained Mr. Nesbitt until the police arrived and Mr. Nesbitt was arrested.”

Goulet said the incident took a serious toll on Shepherd, who only recently returned to work.

“This incident, though in some ways it may not seem significant because it did not cause any physical injury, it had a deep psychological impact on Mr. Shepherd,” he said.

Nesbitt has 26 prior convictions on his criminal record, including five for assault. He apologized in court prior to sentencing.

“I’m sorry I did these things,” he said, appearing in court via video from Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre.

Kamloops provincial court Judge Roy Dickey sentenced Nesbitt to 150 days time served and a further 12 months of probation, with conditions prohibiting him from having any contact with Shepherd or possessing any weapons.

Nesbitt was also handed a five-year firearms ban and ordered to submit a sample of his DNA to a national criminal database.

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