Kamloops fitness club places first in B.C., fourth in Canada in global CrossFit competition

Club lifts past competition

Kamloops-based Tournament Capital Strength and Conditioning has secured top placements in B.C. and Canada in a global online fitness competition.

In a news release, TCSC said they achieved first place in B.C., fourth in Canada and placed 69th worldwide for participation levels out of over 10,000 affiliates in the 2024 CrossFit Open.

TCSC said the three-week event emphasizes challenging and accessible workouts and has been a central event in the fitness community since its inception in 2011.

"This year we recognized the potential of our vibrant community and business to make a substantial impact with the CrossFit Open," said Kent Aitchison, TCSC owner.

"By driving participation and utilizing our status as an official CrossFit affiliate, we aimed to boost enthusiasm within our membership, achieve a high position in the global participation leaderboard, and invest in our local community."

With $10 being set aside from each registration for the event, TCSC said they raised $1,620 to be donated to Kamloops KidSport.

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