Star witness takes stand, describes 'bang,' 'flash' when friend was shot dead inside Cache Creek home

Witness describes fatal blast

The Crown’s star witness took the stand Thursday in a long-delayed murder trial at the Kamloops Law Courts, describing the bang she heard and the flash she saw the night her friend was shot dead inside a Cache Creek home.

Corey Harkness, 36, is charged with second-degree murder in the Jan. 14, 2019, slaying of Brock Ledoux, who was shot dead inside a home in Cache Creek. His trial got underway last week.

Teri Fawcett took the stand on Thursday morning. She said she saw the shooting take place, watching from a vehicle parked outside.

Fawcett said she drove Ledoux, who had recently finished serving a prison sentence, from Kelowna to Cache Creek. They planned to head to Prince George after spending the night in Ashcroft.

Ledoux was looking to score drugs. Once in Cache Creek, he enlisted Harkness to help him do that, Fawcett said. The trio went to a home on Collins Road, she added, where Ledoux told Harkness he had five minutes to come back with something.

If not, Fawcett said Ledoux threatened to “thump” Harkness.

When Harkness failed to return with drugs, Fawcett said Ledoux stormed into the house.

“Brock said 'F*** this.' He got out of the car and started walking — deliberately walking fast across the street,” she said.

"Brock was one of those guys who would walk through the door like he owned the place.”

She said she could see Ledoux and Harkness involved in a heated conversation inside the house, and then she heard a bang.

"I heard the bang, I seen the flash. There’s a white ball with yellow coming out of the flash,” she said.

"I seen Corey’s body just slightly move back. I seen Brock look like somebody hammered him real bad in his chest. I seen his hands come up, and then he just got tossed to the other side of the room — out of my sight.”

Fawcett’s cross-examination will conclude next week.

Harkness’ trial was supposed to have taken place more than a year ago, but he was arrested moments before it began on allegations of witness tampering.

The trial is scheduled to last a month.

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