Hamer-Jackson says he's out to clear his name while releasing copies of confidential city report

Mayor's mysterious delivery

Kamloops Mayor Reid Hamer-Jackson says he plans to "defend" himself after a copy of a confidential report detailing the findings of a third-party investigation into allegations he was a bully in the workplace at city hall mysteriously wound up in his mailbox.

The mayor spent much of Friday on a press tour, meeting with reporters from various Kamloops news outlets and giving them copies of the sensitive document.

The investigator, Terry Honcharuk of the Integrity Group, looked into allegations of “unlawful and/or inappropriate conduct” on the part of Hamer-Jackson, made by four city employees, among them city CAO David Trawin.

Hamer-Jackson had not been allowed to review Honcharuk's report, which was completed last summer. The mayor has been requesting copies from council, staff, lawyers and reporters ever since — to no avail.

He said the first time he saw it was when it showed up in his mailbox earlier this week.

'I'm not that guy'

Prior to the surprise mail delivery, the mayor said he had not known the details of the allegations against him.

“Now I know what they are and I can defend myself,” he said.

Hamer-Jackson described the allegations as false and containing innuendo.

The mayor said he hoped to see the complainants in the probe detailed in the report recant and apologize.

He said he provided the report to media in an effort to protect himself from the allegations within.

Asked if he plans to reach out to the complainants in the report and clear the air now that he’s aware of the allegations, Hamer-Jackson said he worried that might prompt another workplace investigation.

Castanet Kamloops also asked the mayor whether the complainants should be concerned he may seek payback for their allegations. Hamer-Jackson said he would only defend himself.

“I’m not that guy,” he said.

Mysterious mailbox delivery

Hamer-Jackson said he found a hard copy of the report in his mailbox on Tuesday.

In an interview on Friday, he said he has since reviewed the 100-page document, but only "scanned" it so far, not having read it over multiple times.

The mayor said the document arrived in a plastic envelope and it was from someone in Tofino. He said the envelope also had a name on it, which he could not recall when speaking with Castanet.

“I got to look at it — I can't recall the name, but it comes from Tofino," he said. "I will have to go and look at it."

Mayor disciplined after report

The mayor did not participate in the Integrity Group investigation.

Hamer-Jackson told Castanet Kamloops he wanted to know details about the allegations before deciding whether to sit down with the investigator. Honcharuk wanted him to make an appointment first due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the allegations.

No appointment was set and no details were shared.

The confidential report, which was obtained independently by Kamloops This Week and Castanet Kamloops months before Friday's press tour, concluded Hamer-Jackson’s behaviour violated city council's code of conduct on a number of occasions in interactions with Trawin and two other staff members, and his communication with them was restricted as a result.

The mayor must now have a third party present for any meetings with those individuals, and any emails sent from him to them are reviewed before being delivered.

It wasn't us

In mid-March, Hamer-Jackson suggested in an interview with Castanet Kamloops that it would be “great” if someone from Castanet left a copy of the confidential report in his mailbox.

“If it ends up in my mailbox, I wouldn't know who put it in,” he said.

Castanet Kamloops did not provide the report to the mayor.

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