Learn from the past

Feb 6, 2023 / 1:01 pm

Re. Bill Ligertwood's letter Upset at 'woke anew mob' (Castanet, Feb. 1) and L. Busch's letter Right to drop school name (Castanet, Feb. 2) In...

Be wary of digital currency

Feb 6, 2023 / 10:38 am

The U.S government is working on a digital currency backed by the government, according to a former investment banker, Catherine Fitts, who also was a...

Eggs are cheap

Feb 6, 2023 / 10:23 am

Compared to other foods in the supermarket, eggs are cheap. At $3.75 a dozen, a buyer can make six breakfasts of two eggs for only $0.625 cents. Consider the...

Protect the forests

Feb 6, 2023 / 10:14 am

The environment is in the news. The B.C. government’s intentions paper, From Flood Risk to Resilience in B.C. asks for public input. Premier David Eby has...

Ban raw log exports

Feb 6, 2023 / 10:00 am

We need to ban the shipping (out of province) of raw logs and adopt a law, such as one as in Oregon, that requires all logs must be cut before leaving the...

On drug policy and taxes

Feb 6, 2023 / 9:55 am

Decriminalization of hard drugs really does nothing as police were not arresting the people who have drugs on them, they just took them away. So what are we...

Enlightenment for writer

Feb 6, 2023 / 9:37 am

Re. Mary-Anne MacDonald’s letter Asking to be enlightened (Castanet, Feb. 3) I read this and thought it was either sarcasm or someone listening to...

Good deeds and challenges

Feb 3, 2023 / 3:08 pm

This year is off to a busy start with a ton of activity across our snow-covered city. The new year began with the birth of Kelowna’s newest resident,...

Frustrated with EMR training

Feb 3, 2023 / 2:14 pm

More paramedic and EMR training sounds great, but what about more provincial exam locations and additional dates? The EMR training is usually for a national...

Asking to be enlightened

Feb 3, 2023 / 1:58 pm

Enlighten me as to how, when and why there was a paradigm shift from listening to well-respected authorities in their field to considering them no longer...

War in Ukraine must end

Feb 3, 2023 / 10:52 am

The Russia-Ukraine war will go on and on unless certain things take place. In spite of what the West tells us through announcements and the news, the majority...

Past evil must be exposed

Feb 3, 2023 / 10:33 am

Re. Cancel culture If we as a society are to come to grips with just how evil and vulnerable the human race can be, then we must expose our past to the light of...

Response to proof request

Feb 3, 2023 / 10:24 am

Re. Gary Lynch’s letter Ukraine needs assistance (Castanet, Jan. 31) Gary Lynch asks me “where do you get the information on how corrupt the...

Right to drop school name

Feb 2, 2023 / 11:09 am

Re. Bill Ligertwood's letter Upset at 'woke cancel mob' (Castanet, Feb. 1) I’m continuously amazed that some people use the term...

More on dog licence fees

Feb 2, 2023 / 10:47 am

Re. Save $20 on dog licences (Castanet, Jan. 8) It's easy to forget to renew a dog license, so the reminder of the due date, Feb. 28, is helpful. There are...

Decriminalization will help

Feb 2, 2023 / 10:24 am

Re. Drug decriminalization here (Castanet, Jan. 30) I want to preface this by saying I work in addictions and detox. I think people need a little education as...

Opposed to gun control bill

Feb 2, 2023 / 10:18 am

I am writing to voice my opposition to Bill C-21 that was recently proposed by (the federal) government. I am a medical professional and I have been a hunter...

Tear down 'monuments'

Feb 2, 2023 / 8:00 am

Re. Bill Lingertwood’s letter Upset at 'woke cancel mob’ (Castanet, Feb. 1) I don’t believe this has anything to do with the...

Upset at 'woke cancel mob'

Feb 1, 2023 / 11:37 am

Re. School to dump name (Castanet, Jan. 31) Well, the “woke cancel mob” strikes again, renaming a school because the person the school is named...

NATO poked Russian bear

Feb 1, 2023 / 11:26 am

Re. A Mullins letter World not picking on Russia (Castanet, Jan. 30) While it's true Russia invaded Ukraine, it's not true Ukrainians were living in...