Deeply disappointed

I am deeply disappointed by some of the letters that some of my fellow British Columbians have written to Castanet. Firstly, there seem to be people who are calling our NDP government & PM Trudeau “communists” and/or “socialists” (looking at you, Garry Rayner, and you, Wilma Van Vliet).

The reality is that we already live in a semi-socialist country. If you hate socialism so much, then surely you wouldn't mind giving up your health care card? I mean, the government takes my money to provide healthcare to you, is that not socialism? My money pays for your CPP and OAS, and EI, is that not socialism?

The vaccine that’ll end the pandemic will be free for every single Canadian, paid for by our taxes. The government took our money to provide material benefits for us all, is that not socialism as well? I am sick and tired of old people trying to take a dump on our government for doing what is right to protect us.

I guarantee that most of you complainers can’t even define socialism or communism. Also, you guys are talking about “handouts”? Why do you guys take offense at the government doing what it takes to prevent people from being financially destitute?

The government had two choices: 1) Do nothing and let people starve and lose their homes or 2) give people money to stay home and weather the financial storm. People talking about “debt” have no idea how the government works; government is not run like a household. Personal debt is not the same as government debt. Read up on modern monetary theory, people.

If businesses are having difficulty hiring people, then why don’t they pay more? Truthfully, there are a lot of “help wanted” signs. But this isn’t because people are lazy and staying at home. It has been long known that wages have been stagnating for decades (thanks again boomers!) and we see that reality reflected today. I guarantee you, if those places were willing to hire above minimum wage (which they absolutely can, but choose not to), then they wouldn’t have any issue finding employees. 

Lastly, those complaining about their “freedoms” are misguided. Sure, we should definitely all be responsible and be able to make good choices. The reality is that that’s not a world we live in. Take a look around us. Anti-maskers having protests. People threatening other people and their children over being told to wear a mask. Those kinds of people are to blame for mask mandates and things such as that. The harsh truth is that we do not live in a world where people are smart enough to do what is in their best interest, so the government has to force them to do it. Wearing or not wearing a mask doesn’t just affect you; you also may spread disease to someone. That someone may not be affected, but what if that person then spreads it to an elderly person who might die from it? What then?

I read a story recently about a wedding that had 54 guests. There was one person who had COVID and ultimately every single guest caught it, and subsequently spread it to other people that did not even attend that wedding. There were 7 deaths as a result of this outbreak. Of those 7 people who died, not a single one of them attended the wedding. This is once again another example of how our actions affect other people and not just ourselves, and another reason why we shouldn’t be selfish and do our part to slow the spread, instead of posting baseless, garbage conspiracy theories on Castanet. Do better.

Chinonso Michael Obeta

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